We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

  • A little over one year ago at the age of 66, I developed what is classified as severe tinnitus. I also became extremely sensitive to sound. Over a short timeframe I went from a very mild level of tinnitus which I had for over 20 years to a very loud ringing in the ears. I was referred to Dr. Land at The Hearing and Tinnitus Center of DFW by my ENT doctor's office, and at the time, I had a high level of anxiety, depression and a feeling of hopelessness. Dr. Land was immediately very reassuring to me and my wife, and we knew right away I had come to the right place. Dr. Land explained tinnitus to me in a way easily understood and assured me I did not have a terrible disease. My follow up visits are always productive. Dr. Land fine-tuned the sounds on the streaming device I had purchased and recommended a great streaming app to supplement the core sounds of the device. Dr. Land's office staff is very friendly and someone always answers the phone. I highly recommend Dr. Land.

    J.L. Proe

  • Hyperacusis

    Two years ago I was extremely limited and handicapped regarding daily activates. I had severe migraines and was diagnosed with sever Hyperacusis. I had two hearing tests at other facilities, which were painful, causes excessive anxiety, exhausting, and caused migraines. Dr. Paula Land’s tests were gentle and I felt safe with her. It only took one year and I had my life back completely! During this past year, the 2nd year, I have thoroughly enjoyed my life! She is a blessing from God. She is worth 6 hours of driving!


  • Misophonia
    Please know that a life has been changed forever because of your work. A family is whole again and that is one of the greatest gifts ever. We still struggle on a daily basis with the disorder of misophonia, but because you have given us the tools to work with, a life has turned around completely.
    It was a long process to find you in a different city than we live and to decide to dedicate the time, investment and attention to trying your process. Your kindness and practical straightforward approach immediately let us know that we are not alone. My daughter has been helped in several different ways through the hearing devices and mindfulness training sessions with you. Looking at this now, I believe each are equally important to her. She felt a connection with you and just knowing that you understood the disorder and she had options was wonderful. My daughter is back to enjoying learning with confidence and goals. She is spending much more time with the family and can identify situations that could pose a problem to her ahead of time. The tools you have provided help not only my daughter but to our family, allowing us to grow and move forward believing that she can accomplish anything. She is challenging herself to venture into more situations with sounds that are offending and we are all more enlightened on how to help her with this process.


  • Total Customer Experience
    Dr. Land has gotten me as close to normal hearing as I could ever imagine. I have a complex of hearing issues and she has surpassed my expectations. She is always accessible and at times worked beyond what I believe no other doctor has. My experience with Dr. Land is beyond excellence.

    Wanda B

  • Bluetooth
    Nice to hear again. I did not realize how much I was missing. I am enjoying the Bluetooth feature.

    Craig W

  • Hearing Aid
    I am overjoyed with my new ReSound hearing aids! The technology has changed in five years and is marvelous! These hearing aids are having a profound impact on my [social] life and work life. I am thrilled to have them and am extremely thankful for Dr. Land’s assistance and professionalism!


  • Misophonia
    Paula and her staff, along with her therapeutic process, have absolutely changed my life—not just with the misophonia. The coping skills learned have been beneficial in several areas of my life. My home and work life have become less contentious, and I am beyond grateful. I had no idea just how much this would change and influence my life. Thank you!


  • Misophonia
    It has been hard work and a commitment, but overcoming most of my misophonia has given me my life and hope back. The sound generators, combined with counseling, have given me the tools to cope successfully and function in everyday society without issue. Things that once paralyzed me are now merely background sounds I often don’t notice. Fifteen years of misophonia — I thought I would never be free, and now I am!


  • Tinnitus
    When I first met Dr. Land, I was very distraught and depressed from my tinnitus. I was on Xanax and had difficulty concentrating on work. Dr. Land performed a thorough analysis of my hearing and prescribed AGX® hearing aids with sound generators. These devices were life changing. I was able to eliminate the Xanax and return to my normal-functioning self. Dr. Land was amazing and offered me hope and encouragement. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering with tinnitus.


  • Misophonia
    For a long, long time, my daughter has been disengaged and unplugged from her family when we’re home. Not long after visiting Dr. Land, my daughter had re-engaged with us, she had become a part of my family again! Thank you for giving our daughter back to us, Dr. Land!


  • Hearing Loss/Hearing Aid
    These are the first hearing aids that improved my decoding of conversations so much that I felt my stress level go up when not wearing them. I never realized that poor decoding of conversations was so stressful until now.