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Hearing and Your Health

Hearing disorders are incredibly common, from clogged ears to tinnitus to binaural hearing loss. Approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. Although hearing loss is most commonly due to aging, that is not always the case. Sometimes hearing loss can be the result of another serious underlying health condition. Studies have shown that hearing loss can be connected to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and dementia.

It’s important to schedule regular hearing check-ups and appointments with your physician to catch any of these conditions early. Early intervention can prevent any further complications and will benefit your overall well-being.

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Hearing and Cognition

Hearing is directly related to the brain. We hear sounds when they travel through the ear up to the auditory cortex of the brain. When sound reaches the brain, it is then processed as information and stored in our memories. Healthy hearing is a crucial part of having an active and well-functioning brain. When you can’t hear well due to hearing loss, then your brain doesn’t receive the proper stimulation it needs. As a result, your brain will work harder to pick up sounds that it is missing, leading to mental strain, fatigue, and cognitive decline.

The most effective way to prevent cognitive decline is to manage your hearing loss with hearing aids. Hearing aids can provide your brain with the proper stimulation it needs to process and remember sounds. Hearing aids will also provide you with the confidence to rejoin the conversation and interact with your loved ones again. Don’t let hearing loss keep you from enjoying your life. Contact us today to learn more about how hearing loss may be affecting your brain health.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Many people don’t realize they have hearing loss until it’s too late. This is because hearing loss typically occurs gradually, over the course of a few years. Often times, a close friend or loved one will notice your hearing loss. These are among the most common signs of hearing loss:

If you have noticed a combination of these signs of hearing loss then you should contact us for a hearing evaluation.

Tips for Better Communication

Although hearing aids are a great way to manage hearing loss and improve communication, there are other strategies that can help you. Share these tips with your family, friends, and colleagues to improve communication!

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