Q: Do I have misophonia?


  1. Do you find some sounds really disgusting, to the point that you must constantly ask people to stop making the sound or leave the area entirely?
  2. Do some sounds make you very angry and anxious because you find them intolerable?
  3. Are there sounds that you hate but find yourself always concentrating on, focusing on them to the exclusion of everything else? Do these sounds happen frequently?
  4. Do you rearrange your life to avoid specific sounds?
  5. Do you make others change what they are doing because you can’t stand the noise they make?
  6. Do others not understand your intolerance to sounds?
  7. Do you not understand how others can tolerate specific sounds?
  8. Would you rather not hear at all than keep hearing trigger sounds?
  9. Do trigger sounds feel like bee stings, and you just can’t get away from them?
  10. Are you afraid sounds may be driving you crazy?

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions, you may have misophonia. It is suggested that you contact a misophonia specialist for more details.